LP - ECU-KMT04 - Flint Kids - Gec Alsthom 1996
  • Artist Flint Kids
  • Catalog ECU-KMT04
  • Understated electronica pioneer Flint Kids is a creator who inflicts a measured impact on the experimental audio community. It’s difficult to predict what will emerge next from his studio, with an attitude that allows experimentation and a focus on the journey itself that exploration unfolds, but holding an unremitting dedication to sonic quality and a relentless varied palette of textures. The truth of this is beyond evident in his new release GEC ALTHSTOM 1996 // KNIFE for Kaometry Recordings. Beautifully dynamic and a aural pleasure-inducing mechanism for those who like to indulge in complexity, the release also features a pointed set of remixes from fellow explorers Roel Funcken, Massey and Leila.

    All original tracks written, recorded and produced by Flint Kids. Listen Gec Alsthom 1996
    Mastered by Matt Colton. Artwork by about::blank.

  • Artist Flint Kids
  • Release Date : 2017-03-12
  • Country : Deutschland
  • Publisher : Kaometry Records ‎
  • Producer : Flint Kids


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LP - ECU-KMT04 - Flint Kids - Gec Alsthom 1996 $15.00

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